Safend Data Protection Suite (DPS) protects sensitive data via comprehensive data encryption, port and device control and content inspection.




Controlling port and device endpoints and media encryption
More than port and device control
Protector controls endpoint devices and data flow by automatically detecting, permitting, restricting files and encrypting external media devices. Protector is intuitive and complies with major standards including GDPR EU.


More than port and device control


Key Points

  • Prevents data leakage and penetration via endpoints
  • Port, device and storage control
  • Removable media encryption
  • Granular Wi-Fi control
  • Blocks hybrid network bridging
  • U3 and autorun control
  • Blocks hardware key loggers
  • File type control
  • Enables integration with a 3rd party AV scanner

About Protector

Holistic data security over one protective platform

Safend Protector prevents internal/external data leakage by monitoring endpoint devices and data flow. Using granular and customizable security policies and rules, the Protector automatically detects, permits and restricts files and encrypts media devices. The intuitive Protector has strong reporting and analysis capabilities and already complies with PCI, HIPAA, SOX and GDPR EU.

Port and device control with removable media encryption

  • Selected, restricted or blocked endpoint connectivity without compromising on security
  • Granular control, device detection/restriction via type, model or unique serial number
  • Encryption of in-motion corporate data on removable storage devices, external hard drives and CD/DVDs
  • Granular Wi-Fi control according to MAC address, SSID or network security level
  • Anti-bridging, preventing hybrid network bridging by blocking Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, modems or IrDA on computers connected to a wired company LAN
  • Triggering virus scans by integration with 3rd party anti-virus applications to prevent introduction of malware and viruses via removable storage devices
  • Flexible and intuitive management with automatic data synchronization with Active Directory


Regulatory compliance reports and security log summaries
More information more control
Reporter provides full statistical and in-depth information about your company’s endpoints and automatically pulls strategic and periodic information into reports and distributes them to defined recipients.


The visibility you need


Key Points

  • Reports on security incidents by users, organizational unit and type
  • Reports on deployment status
  • Fully customizable reports which can be exported to shared folders
  • Automatically sending specific reports to predefined recipients


About Reporter

The knowledge to control, the power to prevent

Giving you the knowledge you need to prevent data from leaking out, Safend Reporter provides full statistical and in-depth information about your company’s endpoints.
Designed as a compliant solution, Reporter already answers to Sarbanes Oxley, (SOX), HIPAA, PCI, FISMA, BASEL II, UK Data Protection Act (DPA), GDPR EU and other stringent requirements.
Reporter automatically pulls strategic and periodic information into reports and distributes them to defined recipients. Pinpointing intentional and unintentional misuse, Reporter can generate both built-in reports and those customized by the administrator. Easily understood, each report is set in a comprehensive interface and has a number of drill-down options. Generally arriving as a .pdf file, Safend reports can also be exported into other recognized formats.

More reports, more information, more control

  • Reports on intentional and unintentional security events / suspicious activities per users and groups
  • Reports on different types of security events and number of attempts
  • List of all security policies used in the organization
  • Reports on organizational computers and device endpoints
  • High-level and detailed information on an endpoint’s encryption status
  • Device usage over a defined time
  • Scheduling reports


Immediate risk detection on Wi-Fi ports and devices connected to endpoints
If you don’t see it, it can hurt you
Running over the computers on your network, the clientless Auditor pinpoints all usage of USB, FireWire, PCMCIA, PCI, internal storage and WiFi connections in exportable reports.


Knowing is Controlling


Key Points

  • Find out who’s connecting which device or Wi-Fi network to each endpoint
  • Identify and manage endpoint vulnerabilities
  • Compatible with existing network management or admin tools
  • Intuitive, clientless and easy to use


About Auditor

If you don’t see it, it can hurt you

Silently tracking your network’s endpoints, Safend Auditor displays a real picture on your organization’s information security. Running over the computers on your network, the clientless Auditor pinpoints all usage of USB, FireWire, PCMCIA, PCI, internal storage and Wi-Fi connections in exportable reports.
Displaying complex current and historical information comprehensively, Auditor reports can be further manipulated to provide administrators the knowledge they need to create enforced companywide preventative policies.
Part of the Safend Data Protection Suite (DPS), Auditor searches for information according to Microsoft Active Directory, IP Range and Computer Name and is also successfully integrated into the Safend Protector.
Having the capacity to run on up to 60,000 computers, Auditor is already used as part of Safend security solutions in different market sectors.

Comprehensive endpoint visibility

  • Identification of USB, FireWire, PCMCIA, PCI, internal storage and WiFi connections usage on company endpoints
  • Configuration of auditable computers and computer groups
  • No requirement for endpoint client installations
  • Strong reporting capabilities
  • Quick auditing without interfering with network performance
  • Different scan protocols
  • Ability to define user-based permissions
  • Variety of options to save and upload saved reports
  • Runs as an offline tool or can be integrated into the Safend Management Server


Locates and maps sensitive data at rest
Classify It, Find It, Secure It
Discoverer offers the insight to build and implement companywide data security policies. After classifying company data using rules-based keywords and pattern recognition technologies, Discoverer scans, maps, alerts and reports on data at rest breaches.


Data may rest, Discoverer won’t


Key Points

  • Allows security administrators to locate sensitive data-at-rest stored on organizational endpoints
  • Helps to identify gaps in data protection and compliance
  • Provides insight into which policies should be implemented for using other DPS components


About Discoverer

If they’ve got it, Discoverer will find it

Protecting your sensitive information from within, Safend Discoverer lets you know who has what. Built to provide strong rules-based data classification, Discoverer silently scans your company endpoints with minimal disruption to daily activities. Having strong alerting and reporting capabilities, Discoverer uses keywords and pattern recognition technologies to identify and notify about inappropriate data presence.
Part of Safend Data Protection Suite, Discoverer provides the knowledge and insight for security personnel to introduce current and strong data security policies to protect sensitive company information.

Forgot you had it? Discoverer remembers

  • Data classification based on keywords and pattern recognition of text and metadata, mathematical and logical verifiers, file types and data fingerprinting
  • Mapping and locating classified data saved on organization endpoints and alerting on their presence
  • Ability to create and implement companywide security procedures and policies based on insight from detailed reports and logs on classified data
  • Preconfigured security policies addressing specific regulatory compliance standards, such as PCI, HIPAA and GDPR EU


Inspects, clasifies and blocks sensitive data leakage
Inspection for protection
Identifying sensitive information during file transfer, Inspector processes, classifies and defines access permissions and security profiles. Inspector questions users regarding their intentions and immediately blocks them and notifies on inappropriate data usage.


Control your data flow


Key Points

  • Data fingerprinting
  • Content aware application control
  • Data content: regular expressions, mathematical verifiers, heuristic verifiers, and predefined classification
  • Out of the box predefined classifications and policies
  • Interactive message center for user education
  • Mapping files as sensitive without pointing to specific text


About Inspector

Filtering your information before it flows

The gatekeeper of your organization’s private data, Safend Inspector filters sensitive information before it leaks out. Fully compliant with PCI, HIPAA and Basel-II, and part of Safend Protection Suite, the comprehensive network-agnostic Inspector enables cross-channel protection based on levelled information.
Featuring end-user information filtering questions, and blocking outgoing data when necessary, Inspector offers strong alerting and event management when detecting attempted data leakage.
Inspector checks both file content and metadata without preventing the natural flow of business. Controlling user access and activities, Inspector also enables classifying information for improved accuracy and defining level-based security policies.

Designed to inspect, built to comply

  • Integrates compulsory network-agnostic information security policies
  • Enables definition of data classification and controlled channels
  • Built-in security policies complying with most regulatory requirements such as PCI, HIPAA and Basel-II
  • Generation of comprehensive logs and reports on data leakage events
  • Multi-tiered anti-tampering capabilities for tracking tampering attempts


Transparent encryption on company computers
full data HD encryption
Providing transparent full-disc data encryption, Encryptor offers at-a-click company-wide data security. Requiring negligible IT maintenance, Encryptor balances employee productivity with computer performance without interfering with daily activities.


Full compliancy to data security regulations and privacy standards


Key Points

  • Full data encryption on laptops and desktops
  • True SSO (single sign on) technology
  • Centrally managed and enforced
  • Full audit trail of an organization’s encryption status
  • Stable and fault tolerant encryption
  • Strong encryption algorithm (AES 256 bit)
  • Native Windows login
  • No pre-configuration
  • Fully transparent encryption for end users, helpdesk, patch management and user authentication


About Encryptor

Encrypt it, for when you need it

They may take your computer, but not your information

A single-sign-on solution, the Safend Encryptor implements at-a-click company-wide data security. Safeguarding sensitive information, the Encryptor provides transparent encryption/decryption of data at rest. The Encryptor balances between productivity and performance without interfering with daily work activities. Featuring the recognized AES-256 algorithm, the Encryptor enables advanced decryption and data recovery services via a machine-unique one-time only server key.

You work, Safend encrypts

  • Full compliancy to data security regulations and privacy standards
  • Transparent access to encrypted data via a Windows login
  • Strong decryption and data recovery tools
  • Automatic generation and storage of encryption keys prior to actual encryption
  • Reports on encryption status and administrative activities
  • Multi-tiered anti-tampering capabilities
  • Automatic synchronization with Active Directory
  • Multi-factor authentication: transparent provisions for multi-factor authentication devices that change user customized login interfaces. For example: smart cards, USB tokens and biometric IDs supported by Windows.

About Safend, a SuperCom Company

Safend is a leading provider of security products designed to protect against corporate data loss via comprehensive data encryption, port control, device control and content inspection solutions.
With over 3,000 customers worldwide and 3 million licenses sold, Safend software is deployed by multi-national enterprises, government agencies, healthcare organizations and small to mid-sized companies across the globe.
Founded in 1988, SuperCom is a global provider of traditional and digital identity solutions, providing advanced safety, identification, tracking and security products to governments, private and public organizations throughout the world.
SuperCom is a publicly traded company on NASDAQ National Market (SPCB).


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