Upgrading the DPS Management Server 

Before upgrading the Management Server always backup the following folders and files:

  • SQL database
  • System backup: Management Console > Tools > Administration > Maintenance
  • Server snapshot if it is a VM
  • DBInfo.xml: %Program Files% > Safend > Safend Protector > Management Server >Bin

Note: before backing up or upgrading the management server, read the System Requirements document for the version you are upgrading to.

Management Server Version Upgrade

The server is upgraded in an incremental process.  For example, to upgrade to DPS 3.3 SP1-SP71 do the following:

  1. Upgrade to DPS 3.3 SP7.2
  2. Upgrade to DPS 3.4.6 SP1
  3. Upgrade to DPS 3.4.6
  4. Upgrade to DPS 3.4.9
  5. Upgrade to DPS 3.4.9 SP2

Upgrading 3.4.4 Agents 

To upgrade 3.4.4 agents, run the following Safend hotfix which is available as part of the DPS installation tools: SafendSupport_HotFix_3.4SP4_KB00000482.exe


Upgrading 3.4.5 Agents and Higher

To upgrade 3.4.5 agents and higher, use the last agent generated by the management console.


For more information see the Safend Installation Guide in the DPS installation kit.

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