To remove the Safend Data Protection Agent before emergency cleanup, uninstall it via Add/Remove Programs or manually. If Safend Encryptor is installed on a device, the Recovery process must be implemented after manually removing the Safend Data Protection Agent.


Before manually uninstalling the agent: If the computer does not boot up, run the SPEC on the PE option from a matching version and then do the following:

  1. Run the SPEC command from the command line or directly from Windows\System32.
  2. Send the token to to receive the cleanup key.
  3. In the Operating System page select Clean Current Operating System.
  4. Enter the cleanup key and click Cleanup Now.
  5. Complete the process and reboot the computer.


Do not run the SPEC command from the command line. Do the following to run the Support Assisted Uninstall (SAU) option:

  1. Use either of the following commands to receive the client uninstall token:
    msiexec/i [Safend Agent MSI path and file] SAU=1 (for example: msiexec /i C:\safendinstall\DataProtectionAgent.en-US.msi SAU=1)
    Msiexec /i “[SAFEND CLIENT GUID]” SAU=1 /l*v c:\1.txt
  2. Send the token you receive to Safend will send a cleanup key.
  3. Run either of the following commands to remove the client installation:
    msiexec /x [Safend Agent MSI path and file] SAU=1 SAU_KEY=[Cleanup_Key] /l*v c:\uninstallSafend.txt
    msiexec /x “[SAFEND CLIENT GUID]” SAU=1 SAU_KEY=[Cleanup_Key] /l*v c:\uninstallSafend.txt
  4. If the process fails, send the MSI log (c:\uninstallSafend.txt) to for analysis.
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